Safety is our number one priority at Fireplace along with ministering to the Lord and sharing the Gospel with others we come in contact with. Broadway in downtown Nashville is our specific mission ground for evangelism on Friday nights. We recognize that the environment of downtown Broadway can be hectic, and at times dangerous due to a number of factors. Thankfully, there is a heavy police presence on Broadway, but the police cannot be everywhere at once. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we assume responsibility for our own personal safety, and look out for the safety of others within our group, and the ministry of Fireplace as a whole.

Below is safety protocol for Fireplace, along with basic, practical actions that aid in ensuring personal safety, and the safety of others

**The protocol for the ministry has been created with help from a professional security advisor.**

A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it. -Proverbs 22:3


The following is street protocol that our street leaders are briefed on, and have the training and expectation to carry out. This is put in place for the wellbeing and safety of all individuals involved.


Any safety plan falls apart where there is no communication, or when it is compromised. Street leaders use a private GroupMe as a platform to communicate with other street leaders.

This is in place for there to be an open line of communication between group leaders. This communication includes notification of the final group up time, update on where specific groups are (and if they are accounted for), and in the case of a life-threatening emergency.

*Code words are specified for street leaders in the case of emergency to alert and prompt an appropriate evacuation response. These words are classified and revealed only to street leaders so that there is no misuse, or other compromises of the emergency protocol. Further information on the response to an emergency situation on the streets is listed in a coming section.*

Leaders are to send in their personal cell phone number at the beginning of each night in case they are not able to be reached over GroupMe.

-Meeting Locations:

McKendree Parking Garage (“Home Base”):


140 Sixth Ave N

Nashville, TN 37203

      Groups park here and leave from this location each night.
Bridgestone Arena (“Last Call”):

§  Address:

501 Broadway

Nashville, TN 37203

      Groups meet here after evangelizing to share testimonies and pray.


In case of emergency or threat of emergency on the streets, these locations will serve as rally points for groups to move to, seek refuge, and account for those in their groups and other groups. Two rally points are specified in the event where one is compromised, or if a threat is imminent in the location of one of the other rally points.

Rally Point 1 (RP1) - Renaissance Hotel Lobby(near Home Base):


611 Commerce St

Nashville, TN 37203

Rally Point 2 (RP2) - Hilton Hotel Lobby(near Last Call):

§  Address:

121 Fourth Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37201

Group leaders are to account for their group once present within rally points, and are to communicate over GroupMe if their group is accounted for.

Groups are to remain in the location (if it is safe to do so) until authorities have addressed and dealt accordingly with the threat.


The following are expectations and suggestions we have set in place for all individuals who decide to participate in Fireplace evangelism downtown.

*The necessary response to a situation will be dictated by the unique circumstance of that situation*

1.Pray for protection

Take time to intentionally pray for physical and spiritual protection.

2.Use discernment

The Lord has graciously given us discernment and common sense. Be led first and foremost by the Lord’s voice.

3.Submit to your street leader

Your street leader has authority over your group and is responsible for your group. They have specifically been chosen to lead groups, so submit, listen, and adhere to their instruction.

4.Minister male with male, and female with female

When ministering one on one with another person, it is best to minister with the same sex. If you are a male and feel led to minister to a female, preferably bring a female with you or someone else to be in the conversation (and vice versa). It is not that we believe we cannot pray/evangelize with people of the opposite sex; things can get weird and this is for your protection.

5.Preferably have at least one partner with you when ministering

In the spirit, two or more have power. It is also good to have at least one other person present to be looking out for one another. (“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” - Ecclesiastes 4:12)

6.Stay in a constant state of awareness

This applies to life in general, but especially downtown. Be aware of your surroundings, who is near you, what is near you, etc. This is not synonymous with paranoia; you should be able to detect potential threats before they even become a threat if you are just simply aware.

7.Pray with your eyes open

Closing your eyes prevents you from being aware of your surroundings. Having your eyes closed does not dictate whether or not you can enter into prayer. For the sake of being on Broadway and being aware of your surroundings, keep your eyes open.

8.Be on time to the meet up location (usually Bridgestone Arena)

The leaders will specify each night what time the groups will come back together after they split (usually 10:30pm). Be on time to honor each other’s time, and also so everyone is accounted for. The final meet up is in front of Bridgestone Arena at the corner of Fifth Avenue South and Broadway unless specified otherwise.

9.Stay off your phone

Only use your phone to check the time, to use communication that may be necessary, and for emergencies. Otherwise, being on your phone prevents you from being aware of your surroundings, and can wait until you get back to a more secure location.

10.Do not give your phone to strangers

We have had people from our group have large amounts of money stolen from money accounts (such as Venmo) because people on Broadway, working together in a deceitfully innocent way, asked for their phone. So, do not hand your phone to strangers.

11.If at all possible have your back to a wall

Having a conversation with your back to a wall (or something that serves a similar purpose) allows you to see everyone and everything, and prevents things from being behind you. You cannot take proper action with that which you cannot see. If you cannot have your back to a wall, continue to remain aware of everything around you. You can also have others in your group who are not in the conversation stand behind a person and look out for them.

12.Ask to lay hands on people when praying

We do not know people’s background and what they have been through, so do not lay your hands on someone when praying unless the Lord leads you, and if you ask that person for permission first.

13.Do not bury your hands in your pockets

If the situation where you need to defend yourself arises (which we pray does not happen, but still we must be prepared for), having your hands in your pockets does no good. It is hard, almost impossible, to pull your hands out of your pockets if someone has them pinned down holding them from the wrists. It is better to have your hands out of your pockets so they are available to defend yourself if the situation rises.

14.Remain on Broadway only!

Do not go on any other street other than Broadway. Stay within Bridgestone Arena (no further west) and the end of Broadway (toward the Cumberland River, no further east). Do NOT go on side streets/alleys where there is poor lighting/visibility. Broadway and Broadway only.

15.Communicate with your leader (do not do your own thing)

Help your leader by communicating with them. Do not wander off on your own or in a group without communicating it.

16.If you HAVE to leave early, communicate (have a male go with you)

We suggest that you do not leave early, but if you leave early, you let your leader know and the people you carpooled with. If you are going to continually make it a habit to leave early every night, we ask that you do not come out on the streets.

Once we break from Bridgestone at the end of the night, you are no longer a liability to Fireplace. We suggest you leave Bridgestone as soon as we break and make it back to the garage. For your safety, we also suggest you do not hang out in the parking garage, but leave as soon as the people you carpooled with arrive.


Your highest priority is the safety of the women in our group. Constantly be looking out for them and be prepared/willing to step in and remove them from a situation if someone begins to bother them or tries to take advantage of them. Do not let women be on their own.

No sleeveless shirts on the streets. Refrain from wearing clothing that exposes too much of yourself, as there are people downtown who can have perverted intentions. Cover up.


Always make sure to have a male nearby, even if they are not involved in your evangelism conversation.

Be conscious of the clothing you wear when going downtown. Refrain from wearing clothing that exposes too much of yourself (cleavage, mid drift, behind), as there are people downtown who can have perverted intentions. Cover up.

Disclaimer: If you intentionally break these rules, we are no longer liable for you and we will ask you to not join us on the streets again.


Name of the Activity or Event: Fireplace Evangelistic Ministry

I understand that evangelism may involve considerable risk to my person and property. I acknowledge that this activity involves travel to and from the ministry site.

I certify that I am physically fit, and physically healthy enough to participate in this ministry. I do not have any medical restrictions or conditions which would prohibit me from participating.

In consideration of my application and permitting me to participate in this event:

  1. I ASSUME ALL OF THE RISKS OF PARTICIPATING AND/OR VOLUNTEERING IN THIS ACTIVITY OR EVENT, including by way of example and not limitation, any risks that may arise from negligence or carelessness on the part any other persons or entity being released (Released Parties), from dangerous or defective equipment or property owned, maintained, or controlled by them, or as a result of their negligence.
  2. I WAIVE, RELEASE, AND DISCHARGE from any and all liability, Harvest Sound/ Fireplace and any of their directors, officers, employees, volunteers, representatives, and their agents, heirs, assigns, the event holders, activity or event sponsors, activity or event volunteers hereinafter called “the Released Parties.” The Release Parties are released from any and all liability of any nature, for any injury or damage I might suffer to my person or property, including specifically, but not being limited to, liability arising from the negligence or fault of the entities or persons released, for my death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, or actions of any kind which may hereafter occur to me including my traveling to and from this event and participation in this ministry;
  3. I FURTHER AGREE TO DEFEND, INDEMNIFY, HOLD HARMLESS, AND PROMISE NOT TO SUE the Released Parties from any and all liabilities or claims made as a result of participation in this activity or event, whether caused by the negligence of release or otherwise.

I acknowledge that the Released Parties are NOT responsible for the errors, omissions, acts, or failures to act of any party or entity conducting a specific event or activity on behalf of the Released Parties;

I acknowledge that this Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form is a legal document and is being relied on by the Released Parties as a condition and inducement to allowing me to participate in this evangelistic ministry, and that it will govern my actions and responsibilities at said activity or event.

I hereby consent to receive medical treatment which may be deemed advisable by the Released Parties in the event of injury, accident, and/or illness during this activity or event.

I understand that at this event or related activities, I may be photographed. I agree to allow my photo, video, or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by the event holders, producers, sponsors, organizers, and assigns.

The accident waiver and release of liability shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law.

This Agreement shall be governed by Tennessee law and jurisdiction to enforce it shall reside exclusively in Davidson County, Tennessee.


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